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    The Father's House, Northern California
    What we found with FCR is they are Kingdom minded. They understand how churches operate by faith and by growth.

    Over the past 18 years, we've seen the faithfulness of the Lord grow us from dozens to hundreds, and now, to thousands. As our church grew, our desire to serve our community got larger and larger. We realized that to be effective we needed to get the church outside the walls and start taking responsibility for our community. That's really when we started to see a pretty radical increase. After a decade in our current building, we just simply outgrew it - everything from the parking lot to seats in the sanctuary to children's ministries. We needed a new place to go, so the journey began to build a worship center that will accommodate what God’s doing here. The goal has been to facilitate what God's doing among us. It's not a bigger building for building’s sake, but a bigger building to really facilitate the move of God.

    What we found with FCR is they are Kingdom minded, they’re church friendly, and they understand ministry and big vision. They understand how churches operate by faith and by growth. Working with FCR has been a completely different experience than working with the other lending institutions and banks we have worked with over the years. I think that’s because they understand what pastors and churches are doing in their community and what it’s going to take to get it done.

    - Dave Patterson, lead pastor at The Father's House

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    Transformation Church, Indian Land, NC
    We believe in you, and we are going to give you a loan.

    FCR said, "We believe in you, and we are going to give you a loan." And right now I am standing in a miracle, an auditorium where thousands and thousands will be able to see Jesus and His affections for them. - Pastor Derwin Gray

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    Central Christian Church, Las Vegas, Nevada
    FCR cared as much about our vision for ministry as our creditworthiness.

    FCR looked behind the curtain and cared as much about our vision for ministry and people as our creditworthiness when assessing us as a potential business partner, they didn’t look at us as just another notch in their lending portfolio. Since we partnered with FCR, they have done all that they have said they would. - Geoff Sage, CFO

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    Christian Family Church , Tampa, FL
    A great solution for growing ministries.

    Christian Family Church recently worked with FCR to obtain funding for our first building purchase. From the very start, our consultant treated us like a ministry and not just an applicant. We appreciate that he wanted to understand our DNA and make sure we had a financing package that supported our ministry goals and vision to further reach the greater Tampa Bay area. As we had questions and concerns along the way, he took the time to answer them all. For us as a ministry, it matters a lot that our interest payments are supporting retired pastors and missionaries who have invested their retirement savings to enable church growth. We highly recommend the FCR team. They are a great solution for growing ministries.

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    Countryside Christian Center, Clearwater, FL
    FCR had the team, resources, flexibility, and know-how to provide financing for our church.

    Over a three-year period, Countryside Christian Center worked diligently with multiple financial institutions in an attempt to obtain permanent financing for our church and academy. Many banks sincerely wanted to provide us with financing, however; efforts were unsuccessful until Foundation Capital Resources stepped in to provide the funding we needed.

    They had the team, resources, flexibility, and know-how to creatively provide financing for our church when no one else could. In addition, we have the opportunity to work with a Christian organization with similar goals to bless and expand the kingdom of God.

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