Our Story

Hear from our ministry partners what sets us apart.



No Broker Fees

No Broker Fees. Because we are the direct lender, there are no broker fees.



Nationwide Consultant Team

Our consultants have a heart for ministry growth and look beyond numbers to your ministry’s vision of growth.



Construction Services

Construction professionals are on-hand to provide free consultation with each loan to support in the planning, budgeting, design, and construction processes.

A Different Kind of Lender

Since being established in 2000, we have provided more than 900 loans with $1.4 billion in financing. As one of the nation’s largest ministry lenders, we understand the unique needs of churches. While banks and other financial institutions are transactional in nature, we are driven to partner with you in the financial growth of your ministry.

Our approach is different. A bank may want to lend a maximum amount over a long period, but we encourage borrowing only what is needed. We feel a healthy, stewardship-minded ministry is better positioned for growth.

Our process is different. We look at more than just the black and white numbers. We consider a variety of factors and listen to your ministry’s unique story.

Our commitment to ministry is different. When an organization’s focus is growing ministry, things look a little different. Our support of ministry doesn’t stop with lending. A portion of each interest payment is directed towards planting new churches, growing faith-based community programs, and supporting retired ministers.