Church Growth: The Importance of Momentum

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How do you know when it’s the right time to expand or build a new facility? The answer to that question is different for every ministry, but one thing is critical: momentum.

Momentum is like a muscle; use it or lose it.

As you experience church growth, it’s important to build on the upward trend. By using this momentum, you have the opportunity to reach more people and build more community influence than you would otherwise.

To keep the momentum going, be sure to communicate strategically to leaders, volunteers, and your congregation as a whole to share the vision with them and offer ways in which they can be personally involved. This allows people to own their place in the ministry. Utilize social media channels to get people talking about the new things happening at church. Also consider external marketing efforts, such as radio and direct mail, to get the word out to your community. All of these things help your church keep growing.

Waiting can halt momentum.

Timing is everything. When you grow to the point of consistently occupying around 80% of your space, it may be time to consider expanding or renovating. When this happens, realize that you may have a relatively short window in which to make strategic moves to allow for more growth. A common scenario we observe is a church may wait years to build a needed facility in order to avoid debt. By the time the church is able to pay cash for the entire project, it’s not unusual for them to have lost their momentum of growth completely. Don’t make that mistake. Talk with us sooner than later.

What’s the next big opportunity for your church? The next goal? Now’s the time to steer your church in the direction God is calling you.

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