3 Habits of Successful Ministries

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Churches that are financially stable are better equipped to accomplish their God-given callings. Here are three habits of successful ministries:

1. Follow Good Financial Practices

Good financial practices are crucial to ministry survival and help make it possible to fulfill God’s calling for your church. Begin by following recommended budgeting and accounting procedures. Budgeting helps you use your resources to greatest benefit. Without a budget that is continually followed, tracked, and reviewed, it can be hard to keep the lights on, much less achieve new goals. With supportive budgeting and accounting practices in place, your ministry will be able to rest on a firm financial foundation, so you can keep your focus on ministry.

Download a church budget template.

2. Prepare for the Unforeseen

As a pastor, you have been entrusted with providing a safe place for people to learn, worship, and minister. So once you have solid financial practices in place, consider how to sustain your ministry through solid risk management practices and insurance protection. If a fire destroys your building or a child is hurt by a volunteer, the financial outcomes can be crippling. But more than just helping you avoid an expensive lawsuit, risk management is about anticipating the unexpected so your ministry can keep impacting your community. You ministry’s future depends on how well you plan for the worst before it happens.

To learn best risk management practices for your church, view our Risk Mgmt LIVE videos.

3. Plan Carefully for Growth

The two habits above lay a foundation for financial growth and an increased ministry impact. As your ministry budget grows, new financial challenges arise. Fact is, churches who reach a budget of $1 million or higher are bigger than many businesses. To grow at a pace that doesn’t exhaust your financial resources—hurting your ministry over time—it’s crucial to have internal programs and controls in place. Planning strategically for growth now will help you be ready for new phases as they arrive.

By establishing these three habits, your church can build the financial groundwork to support ministry success.

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